How can local businesses, performers and event hosts participate in the HANGOUT Puerto Viejo calendar and website?

There are three ways to participate:

  • FREE EVENT LISTINGS: Basic event listings in English (for both one-time and recurring events) are FREE and always will be! Just visit the Submit Event page and complete the Event Submission Form with your info and images. Our calendar team will then coordinate with you by email to finalize/approve the content and post the event listing, which can usually be done within 1-2 business days.

  • PAID ADVERTISEMENTS: Weekly rates are available for placing paid advertisements on the Home page of our website (see lower half of Home page for examples). Please Contact Us to request a price list for advertising. 

  • PAID FEATURED EVENTS: Weekly and monthly rates are available for including your events in the Featured Events carousel on the Home page. Contact Us to inquire about prices.

Can you help me with completing the Event Submission Form?

Below are some tips for completing the form and making your event listing look great on your own. If needed, we would be happy to help you through the process of posting your first few events. Just contact us to set up a call or meeting.


    • Do not use emojis in the text, or your description might not come through our system correctly. We suggest that you always make a copy of the text you are putting in your description before submitting an event, just in case it doesn’t come through.

    • In addition to a text description of your event, you may insert images and videos using the tools provided under the Insert menu in the Description box. This is a great place for inserting an image that contains text, such as poster/flyer if you have one. After inserting the image, drag the corners of the image to resize it to 500 pixels wide (any height) so that it appears correctly on mobile devices.


    • Where prompted to upload an image, please upload a photo or graphic with NO TEXT on it and preferably landscape-oriented, proportional to 1020 pixels wide x 570 high. This is the image that will be used as your main event image on the calendar. Photos of the real people and scene at your previous events are best! Photos of live bands, good food, and people having fun all work well.


    • The email address you provide in the Organizer section is the email address we will use to contact you for finalizing and posting your event.

    • We suggest that you double-check the Organizer email address to make sure it is correct, and also include an Organizer phone number in case we are not able to reach you at the email address provided. Please note that all of your Organizer contact info will be included in your event listing and visible to the public.

    • If we are not able to reach you by email or phone within a few days after you submit an event, it will not be posted on the calendar.


    • Since there are no street addresses here, don’t worry about the map when completing the Venue form. After you submit the event, our calendar team will work with your Venue profile to make an accurate map appear in your event listings.

    • Please use the Street Address section to provide a detailed description of the Venue location. Our team will generate an accurate map before posting your event (Examples: 100 meters off the main road in Playa Chiquita, on the little street next to the ice cream shop; Calle 217 between the hotel and restaurant, one block from main road in center of town).

How do I edit or delete events?

Please contact us to request edits or deletion of your existing event listings, which can usually be done within 1-2 business days. If your event listing needs major changes, we suggest that you create a new event listing and ask us to delete the old one.

How can I contact you with questions, comments, advertising inquiries or event editing/deletion requests?

Please send us an email message via our Contact Us page.