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Click the Event Submission Form button below to submit your event information and images. We will work with you to finalize and post your event listing within 1-2 business days. Basic event listings will always be FREE!

Below are some tips for completing the event submission form and making your event listing look great. If you have any questions, send us an email any time.

  • OPENING THE EVENT SUBMISSION FORM: If the Event Submission form button opens to a blank page, please try refreshing your browser.

  • TITLE: Keep the title short. Do not include the event location, date or time in the Title, as that information will be included elsewhere.

  • DATE / TIME: If your event does not end at a specific time (or if it ends after midnight the next day), select the No End Date box to leave it open-ended.


    • Please upload a featured image that has no text on it (for example, a photo of your venue, food or band, with no words on the image), preferably landscape-oriented and sized 1020 pixels wide by 570 pixels high.

    • If you have another image with text on it, such as a digital poster or flyer for the event, we suggest you insert it in the Description box under your text by clicking the image icon in the Description toolbar. After you have inserted the image, adjust the image size to 500 pixels wide so that it will appear correctly in your event listing.

  • DESCRIPTION: In your Description text, do not use emojis or your description may not come through our system correctly.


    • The email address you provide in the Organizer section is the address we will use to contact you for finalizing and posting your event.

    • We suggest that you double-check the Organizer email address to make sure it is correct, and also include an Organizer phone number in case we are not able to reach you at the email address provided. Please note that all of your Organizer contact info will be included in your event listing and visible to the public.


    • Your venue may already be listed under the Venue drop-down menu. If not, click New to create a new venue.

    • Since there are no street addresses in Puerto Viejo, don’t worry about the map when entering your Venue information. Our calendar team will work with your Venue profile to make an accurate map appear in your event listings.

    • To help us generate a map, please use the Street Address section to provide a detailed description of the Venue location. Examples: Center of town on the main road at Calle 215, next to Hotel X; 100 meters off the main road in Playa Chiquita, on the little street next to the ice cream shop.